The advantages of pop-up stands

Using banners as a part of a marketing campaign for conferences, job fairs and trade shows is not something new, although using banners mounted on pop-up stands is more of a newer concept. This progress in the field of display marketing has meant several improvements on the old fold banners of yesteryear.

Here are some reasons why pop-up stands are a great marketing tool:
Pop up stands are very simple to set up, eye-catching and convenient to store.

No Folding – One characteristic of pop up stands is that the banner coils in, which means that you don’t have to worry about creases spoiling the look of the banner. The banner is kept in great condition and will be ready to be set up any time, any place and always look fantastic.

Easy to Carry – Another great feature of pop up stands is that it allows the banner to retract into the base. You can easily slip it into your carry bag in no time at all. Fasten the straps over your shoulder and you’re away.

Long Lasting – One of the main benefits of pop up stands is the fact that the banner is securely stored in the base. It does not crease, does not accumulate dust and has no exposure to light, which is why pop up banners tend to last longer than banners.

Easy Set Up – Another amazing feature of pop-up stands is that even the tallest banners can be mounted on top of them easily. Pop up banners are available in table top versions and floor stands of different heights, making them ideal for just about any exhibition.

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