How to select pop up stands

If you manage a small business then you it is likely you are always on the lookout for viable marketing tools. Selecting an economical marketing tool is a difficult task considering the budget constraints. Marketing avenues such as malls and bus stations allow you to fix hoardings only for a fixed contract period. You can instead opt for portable pop up stands to achieve the desired results.

Pop up stands are available in many different varieties. They are also available in customised varieties. Custom stands are built on the basis of the requirements of the customers. Customers can choose from a wide variety of shapes and designs. Some of these stands are provided with lights and display tools which enhance the look of the exhibition stand.


This is an important factor to consider while investing in pop up stands. Prices of pop up stands will vary on the basis of the accessories used along with them. Several firms offer customised graphics along with the exhibition stand as well. You can cut down on some features to reduce the overall price.


This is one important factor to consider while purchasing pop up stands. Opt for lightweight yet durable materials. Durable stands will prevent you from having to purchase any additional replacements or expenses.

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