Four types of display stand for trade exhibitions

Display stands are great promotional tools at all trade shows and exhibitions. The right display stand is required to create the desired impact. There are different types of display stands. Some common types are explained below.

Pop up display stands

Pop up display stands are artistic in their appeal. They are not only simple to use but also effective in attracting the target audience. Pop up display stands are the perfect option if you want to create a unique and large trade booth. Pop up display stands come in different sizes.

Brochure display stands

Brochure display stands are useful to impart knowledge about the company and the products. Brochure display stands can be used to exhibit different types of company literature like brochures, catalogues, product guides and manuals. They are effective to aid brand recall in customers. It is a smart and convenient way of marketing to existing as well as potential new customers.

Rotating display stands

Rotating display stands are effective to grab the attention of trade visitors. These display stands are effective to create a professional looking and interesting trade stand. As these stands are placed at the corner of the booth, they do not occupy much space. The place does not matter because they rotate and hence draw crowds easily.

Table top display stands

Table top display stands are a popular choice among many exhibitors. These display stands are compact and hence they can be placed on tables. If the company is looking for affordable options, then table-top display stands are a perfect choice. They come in various designs and sizes.

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