Who Are we?

Plus Display Limited is a UK based company operating centrally in Staffordshire servicing the whole of the UK. We can also ship to any where in the world. Our 7200 foot sq factory is situated in Stoke on Trent (The potteries). We have been in business for over 30 years and are specialists in exhibition large format printing. Unlike many internet based companies we are not just middle men but a printing production company with total control over all aspects of your project.

Printed manufactured and assembled under one roof. Our production and showroom facility includes a design studio, Printing and finishing ensuring a fast reliable and high quality service. We hold massive stocks of most products for immediate dispatch and a lot of our products are on display in our 2000sq foot showroom which you can visit at any time.

You’re too cheap!!!

Believe it or not we have been told this many times in the past. Clients can't believe that the level of service they receive coupled with the outstanding quality and value for money is achievable at the prices we charge.  But there's no magic involved in our low pricing. We are passionate about what we do! We keep tight control of our production costs and buy in bulk. The result? You get a fast reliable second to none service offering a quality value for money product all of which are guaranteed.
If you see cheaper prices for the so claimed same product ask why? How are the graphics printed? What inks and resolution are used? Most importantly where is the stand made? Will the graphics have a good fit? Is the printing in house? Many banner stands for instance the ones sold at £35 to £70 which admittedly are sold as budget stands at great discounts are in fact banner cassettes built to that price and not discounted at all. We have access to them and have even tried them in the past and had so much trouble and hassle which was ruining our reputation, so we will not even entertain them any longer. Our budget banner stand is a genuine discounted item of a stand that is built fit for purpose and you along with all our clients will be delighted not disappointed.

Not convinced?

We are constantly chosen over stiff competition by the most demanding of IKEA, British Airways, Virgin, Boots, Grosvenor Hotel chain, to name drop a few......) as well as government departments, Schools and Charities. Many clients have come to us because they have been let down at the last minute and we have dug them out of a hole. If we say we are going to deliver we do even if we have to drive it there ourselves.
What is your lowest price guarantee?
We keep a very close eye on the competition and make you a simple promise if you find the same product elsewhere for less, prove it and we will beat it. Just remember claims made by others selling at ridiculously cheap prices are just not true. We would be rich people if we had a pound for every client who has gone for a cheap price and then come back with there tail between there legs and had to buy twice.

What warranty do you offer?

Our business has been built over the last 32 years on repeat work so our display and exhibition stands have to be totally reliable and trouble free. Our display equipment is carefully sourced, tested and guaranteed to offer the very best value for money and durability. Our stand warranty covers manufacturing defects rather than operator damage. If you think others are supplying better warranties just read the small print. If some thing goes wrong we will put it right no questions no quibbles – we want you to stay with us forever.

Do you offer discounts for quantity?

We're Yes we do. A recent project completed in 72 hours was a European wide delivery of 372 Roller banner stands for a major retailer at a discount of course. Try us!

How soon can I have my stand?

5 working days on 99% of our products is standard. If you need it tomorrow or even today we can do it – go challenge us!

What quality are your graphics?

Graphic panels are printed using high quality digital ink jet large format printers and the very best branded inks and media – not cheap Chinese equivalents. Images are printed at 14oo dpi photo quality not lower resolution that will do quality. Most banner stands are printed on Polyester made to our specification so that it does not curl at the edges as most stands do. It also has a scratch resistant sand grain anti glare surface. We don't print onto laminated paper that is not waterproof and delaminates like some companies

Why is it called a 3 x 3 pop up

and why does it have 5 panels? A 3 x 3 is an industry term which refers to the number of quads (sections) making up the frame so you have 3 columns and 3 rows. A 3 x 4 has 4 columns and 3 rows. Make sense? And measures 2540mm wide x 2250mm high not 3m x 3m which is confusing. If you require more info please call us on 01782 264110.

Do you export?

Yes we regularly ship orders around the world. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you provide a design and artwork service?

Yes. Many of our clients use their own designers or agencies to provide ready to print artwork. If you do not have these facilities our in house graduate designers will happily come up with a design and produce artwork for you. If you have no idea at all we can do from scratch, if you have an idea send it to us. Also send any logos pictures etc you want to use and we will give you a fixed price to do the job. No charges for amends or alterations the price is fixed. Typically a banner stand is between £30 and £95 depending on complexity.

What do I need to supply?

Artwork ready to print, ideally as high res PDF with fonts embedded. We will print directly from this after giving it a thorough check. If colour is critical a printed sample can be supplied to match to. If we are designing the stand for you please call to discuss.

Will I get a proof?

We do not provide a proof as a matter of course because all we would do is send your pdf back to you. 99 times out of 100 deadlines are too tight but we would encourage you to have one if colour match is critical. Each printer and operator prints colour differently, we all see colour differently so the only way to get a true match is to have a printed proof on the actual machine used to print the final product. We cannot be held responsible if you don't have a proof.

Can you match colours?

CMYK printers can match a huge spectrum of colours but not all. Some greens, purples and metallics can not be accurately matched but a close match is achievable. If colour is vital then a proof must be done and we will match any specific pantone colours as close as possible.
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