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London Fintech 2018 Week exhibition stand

Staffordshire based Plus Display has launched its own brand of textile pop up and self assembly fabric clad stands. It is called Fabritex.

They were not happy with the standard equipment available in the market place and have modified standard fabric frame designs to make it more robust and simpler to put together These stands consist of aluminium tubing which is assembled by lining up coloured dots and then stretching a vibrantly printed textile fabric skin over the frame to form a free standing large graphic.

As always they are proud of the fact that they design (if required), print, assemble and test all their exhibition stands here in Stoke on Trent. They will not trust any part of the process to overseas suppliers as this in many cases produces problems and delays – something definitely not wanted in the exhibition supply chain.

The Fabritex range of fabric exhibition stands are a relatively new concept in the display stand world and have many unique benefits. For example the textile cloth graphics for the frame are printed in one piece onto a polyester fabric rather than polyester sheet. This has the advantage of being really seamless rather than panels joining meaning there are no panel joins. Whilst the panel system works well viewed from 6ft away, close up the joins scan be seen, whereas the fabric graphic panel is really seamless. The textile panel also can be washed in a cool wash with no fading so will always look clean and bright.

For certain situations fabric display stands are more practical than conventional pop up stands using space frames. They are lighter square metre for square metre so easier to transport. The look of the printed graphic is a matter of personal choice. Both the pop up display printed on conventional sheet and the fabric printed panels look fantastic but the surface finish is different, the fabric has a softer look to it. Both are attractive and both great at attracting people to your stand.

For more details please click the link fabric printed display stands

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