Using pop-up banners to attract visitors

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Using pop up banners to attract visitors.

When you turn up to a trade exhibition it is easy for your prospective clients to become overwhelmed by the visual over load seen before them. This is caused by the many different pop up banners and exhibition displays set before them. It is only natural for every business, your competition, exhibiting to compete to catch the attention of each and every passer by who could become a customer. Therefore it is essential that you do everything possible to ensure your exhibition display stands out from the crowd!

Make it attractive

The most important fact clients don’t realize is that when exhibiting at a tradeshow you only have 4 to 7 seconds to grab the attention of a potential viewer. You must stand in the shoes of the viewer and ask yourself what is going to make that person come to my stand – be it an image or a statement, preferably both! When designing your pop up banner stands focus on what kind of graphic would grab the attention of your target customer base, what’s important to him or her? In general, primary colours used in exhibition graphics are excellent for making an immediate impact but must compliment your corporate image so as not to water it down. Keep text to a minimum, a short and simple statement is most effective for communicating a business message. Once written ask yourself so what! What’s in it for me (Standing in customers shoes of course)

Make the pop up banner engaging

Ideally, pull up banners should be big enough to attract your potential visitor’s attention to attract them to your stand. An appropriate sized banner that is visually and mentally appealing will act as a ‘beacon’ and engage a potential customer to find out more. Once a potential new client or an existing one for that matter steps foot on your exhibition stand, you and your well trained staff can then do their job, finding out what the requirements are and selling them what they want not just why they simply cannot exist without your essential product or service! A mistake most sales people make.

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