You’ve bought the exhibition stands, now train your staff!

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Many companies spend a small fortune on an exhibition stand or shell scheme space, then spend the rest of their budget on exhibition stand design, buying pop up banners, pop up stands, modular exhibition stand, bespoke design exhibition stands or shell scheme graphics only to forget to train their staff to maximize enquiries and sales at their exhibition.

Once you have attracted the potential buyer to your brand new gleaming well designed trade stand you need to make sure your sales people do not turn them off.

The biggest mistake most sales people make is to assume they know what the potential client wants and launch straight into a presentation telling them about features and brow beat the prospect whether the person is interested or not!

The number of times I have been brow beaten about products that have no use to me or services I have no interest in is unbelievable. Yet off they go turning me right off. They don’t even see the eyes glaze over.

A few minutes finding out about me, my business what I want to use the service or product for and then either saying we cant help or here are the services products we offer that suit your need and this is why based on the information gathered so it is relevant will pay dividends a hundred times over. If I have no need, the sales person saves time and above all gains the respect of the client for when he might have a need.

We were given 2 ears and only one mouth and they should be used in the same proportions. People are too wise and wary these days for the hard sale.

So whether you are using pop up banners, banner standspop up stands, shell scheme graphics or a modular exhibition stand above all train your staff!

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